Valuations & Fairness Opinions Consulting Services

We provide thorough and independent financial valuations for our clients.  Often an independent valuation is important to either a board of directors or a third party, and The Sports Advisory Group is equipped to provide this service for our clients.

Our process is objective and fair, and we pride ourselves on the rigor of our analytical process.  We explore all aspects of a franchise’s operations in order to derive a valuation that will withstand outside scrutiny.  Our analysis includes a combination of qualitative and quantitative measures including the competitive landscape, comparable companies and transactions, as well as the company’s operations and history.

Valuation services include:

• Detailed analysis of all relevant revenue (ticketing, media, sponsorship, etc.) and expenses (player payroll, stadium operations, team operations, etc.).

• Detailed review of lease, concessions, media, and other third party contracts.

• In-depth analysis of capital structure including any contingent loans and liabilities.

• Use of multiple valuation methodologies including comparable transaction data.

Consulting Services

The Sports Advisory Group can provide value-added consulting services to sports franchises and sports-related businesses, with an emphasis on improving financial and operating performance.

Services provided include:

  • Analyzing and formulating business plans.
  • Advising on corporate structure.
  • Evaluating liquidity and cash flow.
  • Operations, marketing and sponsorship consulting.
  • Review of stadium / arena leases, concessions agreements, and third-party media agreements.

For further information on our valuation and consulting services and to confidentially review your own situation contact: Tommy George, President, (240) 409-6297;