Buy-Side Representation

The Sports Advisory Group represents clients in the purchase of Minor and Major League sports teams across professional baseball, football, hockey, soccer and basketball.  We work with clients on a long term basis to build their sports business and investment portfolio.

Our in-depth industry knowledge allows is to quickly formulate strategic plans, identify teams for sale and potential acquisition and investment targets, initiate transaction discussions, conduct due diligence,  and negotiate acceptable terms.

We work with clients on a long-term basis to build their sports business and investment portfolio.

We frequently work as a buy-side advisory to lead the purchase of or investment in a professional sports franchise, or other sports-related assets.

We work side-by-side with purchasers to identify compelling investment opportunities, and to facilitate all aspects of deal execution.

The Sports Advisory Group has an expertise in:

  • Identifying teams for sale and transaction opportunities based on a client’s investment objectives.
  • Performing comprehensive team operation, League, industry and market due diligence.
  • Determining an appropriate valuation for the franchise, facility and other assets.
  • Providing counsel to clients and their lenders in helping secure acquisition financing.
  • Negotiating relevant legal documentation and facilitating League approvals (if applicable).
  • Managing the public relations around the transaction.
  • Helping source key management executives post-acquisition.

Working With You

The Sports Advisory Group is ready to work closely with you and your own in-house M&A staff, or we will serve as the logistical alternative for companies and individuals that don’t have a dedicated staff.

As your corporate development partner we will simplify your search process, identifying teams for sale, while providing an unmatched suite of due diligence and intermediary services.

Our associates provide clients with high-level access to franchise owners, league commissioners and governing bodies throughout minor, major and independent sports leagues.

Sports Advisory Group Associates provide clients with high-level access to franchise owners, league commissioners and governing bodies throughout Minor and Major and Independent league sports.

Market Intelligence

Our direct involvement in the sports M&A market and access to league officials provides us with the most accurate information on actual transaction values.

The buy-side valuation work we do for our clients in enhanced by our knowledge of comparable transactions, league and industry trends and our ability to understand the nuances of each transaction.

A Full Suite of Services

We know what issues to look for, how to identify and successfully address them. Our services include:

  • Contract review in tandem with your advisers.
  • Assist in League related issues, and their acquisition process.
  • Advice and expertise on valuation.
  • Deal and capital structure.
  • Recognizing marketing synergies and operating economies.
  • Lease negotiations.
  • Review of media contracts.

Looking at Sports Teams for Sale?

If you are a serious and committed buyer take advantage of our comprehensive suite of buyer representation services.  Start the acquisition process today by contacting us for a confidential review of the marketplace and your own situation.  Contact: Tommy George, President, (240) 409-6297;